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I feel a draft...

My fingers, they ache.

25 December
Born in Cali, now living in Alabama. Why did I make such a move? Parents.

5’10-ish (it’s not that cute, finding clothes is a PITA), biracial, and my level of attractiveness depends on how my makeup is applied. That’s not a very nice or socially acceptable thing to say, but it’s true. I love makeup. Probably too much.

I’m four years partnered (and now engaged) to an amazing, sensitive (but badass) guy. We own a cute, circa 1978 house that I’m trying to sculpt into a sleek, ultramodern ‘minimalist’ style. Who cares if the look will date, doesn’t everything eventually?

I tend to avoid discussions about the government, because I simply have no interest in *fucked* institutions… But social politics, race relations and porn intrigue me. I’ve long lost the ability to care what others think of me, self disclosure is an intrinsic aspect of my personality. I’m childfree, and I’m known to self-righteously declare this fact to anyone who inquires about my future familial plans. I suppose I’ll have more fun with this in a few years and people are taking me a bit more seriously. I’m a computer geek. I usually surprise people with my knowledge of technology related things. I guess it’s because I don’t that that 'geek' look.

I’m a reality TV addict, it’s something about looking into real people’s personal lives that satiates my inner voyeur. The more drama, the better.

I like to cook. Cooking/baking is relaxing to me. I’m also a semi-picky eater. I generally dislike the way most people cook things, so I modify or invent recipes that suit my tastes… Hate onions (but not onion powder), tomatoes (but I love spaghetti sauce and ketchup), mayonnaise (unless it’s in chicken or potato salad), eggs (unless they’re boiled), milk (unless it’s with cereal), and pork (I just hate it).

I don’t belong to any ‘scene.’ I can do whatever look I want, whenever the mood strikes. I can be business casual chic, junior-department-shopping fashion casualty, or my favorite, the Pamela Anderson and Lil Kim kaleidoscope special: flashy-cutesy, pink head to toe, walking Baby Phat advertisement, wearing blonde extensions, obviously fake contacts, eyelashes, and impossibly-long fingernails; at least an ounce of lip-gloss, and copious amounts of eye makeup. It's a fun look, irregardless of your gender.

I buy designer clothes, but I'm not defined by them. Simply put, if it looks good on me, I buy it. Even if it costs $800. Just kidding. Not really.

I enjoy shopping - for clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry - finding free stuff on the net, drawing, making those cute little OOAK Barbies and reborns, photography, listening to music, discount stores, yard sales, thrift stores, buying and selling on eBay (+ online shopping in general), half assed exercise, tivo’ing shows and never watching them, grooming my Maltese, playing The Sims 2, and annoying my fiance.

insomnia is love
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